“Quality solutions for superior bolted joint integrity”

Load Control Technologies is a privately-held technology company with headquarters in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. Innovation Plus LLC was originally founded as a partnership in April 1990 and specializes in the development and commercialization of innovative new technologies and products.

Innovation Plus was responsible for the conception and proof of feasibility of the ultrasonic fastener technology, which was later commercialized as the Ultrafast® Intelligent Fastener® technology. This technology utilized a piezoelectric thin-film coating which is applied to every fastener as a finishing operation, to directly measure load in the fastener using an ultrasonic pulse-echo technique. Innovation Plus proved feasibility of Ultrafast technology through initial funding from a Ben Franklin Partnership Innovation Award and a NASA contract with the Marshall Space Flight Center.

Load Control Technologies continues to demonstrate its technology leadership in the field of fastener load measurement through the recent introduction of its next generation of ultrasonic fastener technology, the i-Bolt® technology, with greatly enhanced capability, broader application and lower cost. This new technology provides accurate load inspection with all fasteners, and has application in the automotive, aerospace, construction and other industries. This major advance in ultrasonic transducer manufacturing technology enables licensed fastener manufacturers to deliver high-volume ultrasonic fasteners at lower installed cost.