Ultrasonic Load Measurement

Pulse-echo measurement technique


Installed Load Tightening Accuracy (any tool) ± 3%(3σ) Load Inspection Through Life cycle of Bolt (30+ years) ±5%(3σ) Accuracy The i-Bolt® Technology Technology takes the end users’ fasteners and applies a permanent 2-D transducer (only 50 microns thick) at the top or bottom of each bolt. The form, fit or function of the fastener is…
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Smart bolt that tells you accurately installed load   through life cycle of itself.


i-Bolts use transducer embedded bar codes to
measure load and track data.

LoadMaster® 3600

The LoadMaster® 3600 is an i-Bolt® load measurement system for inspecting bolt load or measuring and controlling load during assembly. This unit comes with a 1- year warranty and software upgrades, includes an i-Probe®, integrated calibration bolt and temperature probe. The LoadMaster® 3600 is available (supplied) with a LoadMaster® DataManager® laptop PC. This portable unit…
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LoadMaster 3600

i-Bolt load measurement system for inspecting, measuring, and controlling
bolt load during assembly.

Superior Technology

How Load Control Technologies compares


Do it Yourself i-Bolt


Do it yourself i-Bolt

Herramientas de asamblea

All types of existing hand-powered and powered production assembly tools, including low-cost impulse and impact tools, can be easily adapted for precise load control with ultrasonic fasteners. The transducer is configured so that it can be pulsed and read using a single, inexpensive, spring-loaded contact embodied into the drive of an existing tool. The return…
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Tecnología superior

Other Ultrasonic Technologies  Load Control Technologies new i-Bolt® Technology  Accurate Inspection (3σ)   No  ±5%  Aerospace Materials   Limited  All  Lightening Holes/Intern. Drives   No  Yes  Identification/Tracking   No  Yes  Fastener Database   No  Yes  Manufacturing Cost   High  Low  Licensed Fastener Manufacturer   No  Yes     Torque   Torque-Angle/Yield   Load Control Technologies…
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Seguimiento y Data Manager

Load Control Technologies Fastener Database: Every i-Bolt® has our automated tracking database. This database features unique identification and traceability of every fastener, all fastener related procurement, design, and manufacturing, complete storage of assembly and inspection historical data, zero-load acoustic signature for every fastener measured and stored at fastener manufacturer QC, data for over 20 million…
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Data Tracking and Management

Database featuring unique identification and traceability of every fastener

Asamblea e Inspección

Asamblea Ultrasonic Load Measurement Assembly uses a zero-load measured immediately prior to tightening, permits typical assembly load 3σ accuracy of ±3%, provides control of powered assembly tools,  and creates automatic data logging. Inspección Ultrasonic Load Measurement Inspection provides fastener identification through 2-D bar code, retrieves zero-load acoustic signature and previous assembly/inspection data, provides typical inspection…
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Continuous Load Monitoring Systems

LoadMasters for
Continuous Monitoring

Assembly Solutions

Accurate measurements during assembly and inspection

Herramientas de asamblea

Load controlled tightening tools integrated with LoadMaster

Assembly Tools

Load controlled tightening tools
integrated with LoadMaster