Installed Load Tightening Accuracy (any tool) ± 3%(3σ)
Load Inspection Through Life cycle of Bolt (30+ years) ±5%(3σ) Accuracy


The i-Bolt® Technology Technology takes the end users’ fasteners and applies a permanent 2-D transducer (only 50 microns thick) at the top or bottom of each bolt. The form, fit or function of the fastener is not affected or changed. Unlike conventional ultrasonic, the technology does not require parallel surfaces and is independent on common transducer attachment procedures. Each bolt type and joint is first ultrasonically qualified by LCT.

The end user fills out an Application Information Form (AIF) for each joint/bolt type. LCT replicates the end user’s joint, generates the ultrasonic parameters and stores the ultrasonic signatures (including the zero load reading) of each individual bolt against their respective unique ID in the barcode embedded in the transducer.

The bolts go through a development qualification process which is a non-recurring engineering activity that includes the i-Bolt design and excitation optimization, calibration and testing throughout the measurement range in terms of joint length, bolt bending conditions and measurement temperature range. Once a joint/bolt type is qualified, the process does not need to be repeated for additional orders of the same bolt type.

The transducer applied is permanent and enables load inspections and tightening throughout the life of the joint at any time with near perfect repeatability.


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