LoadMaster® 3600


LoadMaster® 3600

Portable bolt load unit for inspecting fastener load or for measuring and controlling load during assembly with Load-Controlled Tools. Applicable to all existing production, development, and service tools.


All bolts. All Tools. All Industries.


Inspection Accessories
Commercial aircraft maintenance inspection

i-Bolt® Inspection

The LoadMaster® 3600’s inspection capabilities provide quick and accurate bolt load inspection – eliminating unnecessary torque checks and disassembly/reassembly. The system identifies and traces each unique fastener while automatically logging complete data of maintenance history.

Fastener identification through 2-D bar code

Multiple inspection device configurations to address applications with limited access

Retrieves zero-load acoustic signature and previous assembly/inspection data with zero disturbance of the joint

Typical inspection load accuracy ±5% (3σ)

i-Bolt® Assembly

Capable of adapting to all existing hand and powered production assembly tools, the LoadMaster® 3600 system provides real-time load measurement during tightening. The tool is automatically stopped when target load is acheived.

Fully adaptable to all existing hand and powered production assembly tools

100% detection of joint and assembly defects

Accurate load control ±3% (3σ)

Elimination of tourque tool calibration costs and reduction in total assembly cost

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