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Installed Load Tightening Accuracy (any tool) ± 3%(3σ) Load Inspection Through Life cycle of Bolt (30+ years) ±5%(3σ) Accuracy The i-Bolt® Technology Technology takes the end users’ fasteners and applies a permanent 2-D transducer (only 50 microns thick) at the top or bottom of each bolt. The form, fit or function of the fastener is…
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LoadMaster® 3600

The LoadMaster® 3600 is an i-Bolt® load measurement system for inspecting bolt load or measuring and controlling load during assembly. This unit comes with a 1- year warranty and software upgrades, includes an i-Probe®, integrated calibration bolt and temperature probe. The LoadMaster® 3600 is available (supplied) with a LoadMaster® DataManager® laptop PC. This portable unit…
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Do it Yourself i-Bolt

Herramientas de asamblea

Load controlled tightening tools integrated with LoadMaster

Torque Angle Interface Kit-es

Interface with other spindle system/assembly tools to measure and controlling torque/angle during assembly