LoadMaster Capabilities

LoadMaster 3600® Advanced Capability

The LM3607 software upgrade gives users a wide range of capability and can be customized for customer-specific applications.


Assembly Control

Combine the LoadMaster capability with your assembly tools and tighten precisely to load. Integrates with hand wrenches, electric and pneumatic tools, impact wrenches, hydraulic ratchet wrenches, and hydraulic tensioners.


Maintenance Inspection

Optimize maintenance inspection by establishing predefined inspection procedures. Application-specific procedures guide the user through inspections and generate reports.

Assembly Control

Tighten Directly to Load

Fast, precise, and customizable assembly tools helping you acheive maximum process control.

Assembly Tools

The LoadMaster 3600® can be integrated into hand wrenches, electric tools, pneumatic tools, impact wrenches, hydraulic ratchet wrenches, and hydraulic tensioners.

Control Modes

Perform your assembly using a range of control modes, including load control, torque, torque plus angle, and load measurment into yield.

Dynamic Power Control

Tightening with impact wrenches in staged tightening from 25% to 100% of final load with minimal overrun and without adjusting air pressure. Tightening speed control enables rundown and tightening of Inconel, Titanium, and bolts with locknuts without thread damage from overheating.

Predefined Assembly Procedure

User defined sequenced tightening of complex assemblies such as flange joints and cylinder heads, acheiving precision load accuracy and consistency without multi-spindle tooling.

Maintenance Inspection

Control and Track the Inspection Process

Smart, customizable software gives you the tools to define and track your bolt inspections in situ with the same LoadMaster accuracy.

Predefined Inspection

Predefined Inspection Procedure (PIP) provides a customizable, step-by-step inspection procedure for your multi-fastener joints. Audio and visual cues guide the user through the inspection and confirm precise load of each bolt.

Inspection Reporting

Automatically generate inspection text report with each bolt number, location, i-Bolt® ID, tension, temperature, date and time, and more.

Automatic Adjustment of Load Windows

Adjust load acceptance windows based on measured joint temperature for maintenance applications in which bolt and joint material differ.

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